Sunday, March 28, 2010

T-Minus The Last Five Days of The Nine to Five Thing

Okay, it's amazing outside right now. The last of the sun is lost behind the hills of Echo Park. The stars are popping out. The blue of the moon is starting its seductive dance in my back yard. Tomorrow is the last week of production charts and alphabetically listing columns of acting representation. It's also training-the-replacement-week, you know the five days you spend going over the inch by inch details of your job, hoping you've left nothing out but knowing you surely will. It's the time when you already wish you were working on your scripts at Farmers Market, but not yet. The ant's in your pants but stuck thing. I'm there already.
I've set up a pretty spirited schedule fo myself - "Moms and Pops" finished by tonight. A rewrite of my horror script " Underbelly" by the end of this week. My thriller "Black Lite" to be written April 5 - 12 and my script "The Auburn Sisters" to be written April 12-19. That leaves two weeks for polish on two scripts. Okay, I know its crazy insane, but why the hell not?
So tonight, its time for a little shut-eye and lots of prayer out to the universe. Man, I'm am so so excited to do this.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

T-Minus Ten Days

It's a week and a half now before I blow this joint, put throttle to
the wind, and take the biggest risk of my life (outside of kissing
that one unamed girl in high school, though interestingly the soon to be homecoming
princess didn't punch me in the face when our lips did
finally meet). It's exciting to think of all the calendar days before me, the ones with times and events to solely be determined by me. One of my fears is can
I really do it? When given 8 hours a day to just write and create, can
I haul ass and get it done? And the other fear is the twelve months down
the line one - the usual what if my attempt crashes and burns and I'm
right there with it?
Spiritually I believe we are responsible for our actions alone. You know, you write the script or you send out a resume, you tell a person you love them, or
you file for divorce. In the truest sense, the result is ultimately something out of ones control. So I know all I can do is put these stubby German and Irish
digits to keyboard let the words fly, and that's it. But a teeny tiney
part of me wants to know it will be all right and things will turn
out. My little kid dream of winning an Oscar will come true and my
partners mistress' tatted behind won't show up as the cover girl on Hustler the next day. I guess that's faith.
So if you want you can ride along on this incredible creative and risky ride with
me. I'll be blogging every day on the journey, good or bad, rain or
Big mwah to ya'all